Fourth wave of COVID-19 a pandemic of the unvaccinated

Undeniable ruler of European health

Nobody can ignore what is raging around the world and has the power to make several people die.

On Tuesday, speaking to the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen cited large and worrying disparities in different EU member countries’ vaccination rates. In Bulgaria, slightly more than 29 percent of adults are fully vaccinated, compared to more than 90 percent of adults in Portugal and Ireland.

Europe is having a terrible time with several variations of the corona virusses. We are confronted with a new wave even in countries where there are many vaccinated, though where there are also lots of unvaccinated people and people not bothering about safety measures like wearing a face mask.

Safer thanks to accessible vaccines

Europe may be in a better situation thanks to the availability of vaccinations, which protect, but because of those anti-vaxxers and people who refuse to comply with precautionary measures, hospital beds in intensive care units are now occupied unnecessarily by unvaccinated patients.

Confiscating beds that could otherwise be used for other serious cases

The World Health Organization is “very worried” about the spread of Covid-19 in Europe as the continent battles a fresh wave of infections. It looks incomprehensible that those people who are against vaccination do not see the good of it. They are at a much higher risk of falling seriously ill and becoming hospitalised and by the need of being taken up in IC they take away a bed that otherwise could be used for other patients who need a lifesaving operation.

“In most countries, intensive care beds are filled by either people who haven’t been vaccinated or have only been partially vaccinated,”

Von der Leyen said.

“So there’s a very clear correlation,”

she added.

“If we look at countries such as Portugal or Spain, for example, in which 80 to 90 percent of adults have been vaccinated, the risk of dying of COVID in the first weeks of November was up to 30 times lower than in countries with the lowest rates of vaccination.”

Von der Leyen, who is a trained medical doctor, said there is no doubt that those who aren’t inoculated account for the overwhelming majority of hospitalisations and deaths in the current wave.

“If I look at the rates of mortality and incidents,”

she said,

“what we are seeing now is that we have a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So it remains the key priority to pursue vaccination.”

Necessity of convincing people of the need to protect themselves

EU leaders know what needs to be done, but it seems not so easy to convince the citizens of the necessity to protect not only themselves but also others.

“We need to better understand why some people are not vaccinated,”

Von der Leyen said, recognising that an important part ministers should do is to provide clear information. She said:

“We have to reach people in every town and city and persuade them to get vaccinated. On top of that, we need boosters for those who have already been vaccinated.”

Following the science

Covid19 vaccine biontech pfizer 3.jpg
Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (INN: tozinameran), to fight against SARS-CoV-2 virus, sold under the brand name Comirnaty, an mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine developed by the German biotechnology company BioNTech and for its development collaborated with American company Pfizer, for support with clinical trials, logistics, and manufacturing.

As of September 2021, more than 1.5 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses have been shipped by Pfizer–BioNTech worldwide. Concerning the distribution in Europe, she said the Commission’s latest contract to purchase 1.8 billion doses of BioNTech/Pfizer vaccines would be enough for the entire Continent.

“All member states are parties to that contract,”

she said.

“Let us continue to follow the science.”

Even with boosters, she said, social distancing and mask requirements are needed.

Covid pass or Covid Safe Ticket no restriction of liberty

People also should come to see that a Covid pass or Covid Safe Ticket, is not a restriction of liberty, rather it is a tool to keep our individual freedom and give people again access to places without them having to worry about becoming infected. The introduction of the pass and the obligation of it for entering certain places has been a great help to boost the vaccinations. In several countries bookings for coronavirus vaccines spiked after the government said it would be needed to enter discos, shops and other public places and events and in Italy that all employees must show proof of a jab, negative test or recent recovery from Covid-19. Italy was the first European country to face the full force of the pandemic in February 2020 and has the worst recorded death toll in the European Union, at more than 130.000. In that much-favoured country for holidays, the economy was plunged into a deep recession caused by lockdowns last year, but with case numbers largely under control since the spring, growth is forecast to jump this year, aided by a huge injection of EU recovery funds.

To rescue the Summer, it proved a good solution to have the Covid Pass. Now for the skying season, it could do that once again.

The European Commission President asked us to remember:

“We must not forget one thing:

In the European Union last week, an average of 1,600 people died every day of COVID, 1,600 people died day after day … therefore, vaccination and hygiene measures are an act of solidarity. And they save lives.”



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