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Are we shambling into WWIII?

In the Bible there is a prediction of World War III.

People are warned to look out for the signs. Major signs as the changing in the climate with an increase in rainfall, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis, an increase in volcanic eruptions and mudslides, an increase in diseases and all kinds of ailments, as well as the extinction of certain species of animals and plants, are all signs that we can already observe.
The unheard-of attitude of certain groups of people to other people and the uprising of peoples and religious groups against other religious groups are among the signs that we can see today and that should prompt us to prepare for what is yet to come and will be very serious.

A lot of people are not willing to open their eyes to what happens in the world. They even do not see what goes around them. Today there are also lots of youngsters who prefer to live in a virtual world and who do not mind to play many war games on the net or on their playing console, without understanding that violence is influencing them in a very ad way.

Not many are getting God’s messages He gives throughout the many ages, also because the majority is not interested in Him and lots of them who call themselves Christian even do not take the time to read His Words.

It is true that believers should not be afraid, but that does not mean they should not be worried. They should warn others and try to take care of those around them. Believers in Christ Jesus have the task to go out in the world to warn the world for what is coming. Also when those things shall be coming, it is up to the believer in God to help each other to endure every day.

We may not be ignorant of facts that are repeating, like the growing antisemitism and race discrimination. The rise of fascism and the existing tensions should clearly worry us.

We should be aware that it can well be that those prophesied times or the end times are coming near. As children of those who knew two world wars, our parents had heard and where convinced there would not come another war. But soon after that Great War there was an even worse war. Many of us too small or not yet born in that gruesome war we came to live in the Cold War. Many protested against the war in Vietnam and thought this could be for the Western World the last war. But soon other wars came unto our plate. Even that so much hoped for Fall of the Wall did not bring that hoped for peace.

With good reason, The Shambling Apocalypse may speak about a time where we are finding ourselves in the middle of a slow-motion shambling apocalypse.

He thinks that there is no evidence that at the moment we are facing an imminent disaster style apocalyptic kick-off, but perhaps he is no bible-reader and does not know about the many prophesies made in the previous millennia. Though he admits it is really starting to feel like COVID might have kicked off the dominoes, or that at the very least, they are leaning hard right now. {A world full of tilted dominoes}

For those who thought when they lived in a democracy they would be safe, we ask them to look at what happened in that so-called free country where democracy would have been standing on number one.

Political polarization in the US hit a crescendo on January 6th as Trump supporters spurred on by his comments and conspiracy theories led to people storming the capital, threatening the lives of lawmakers, and causing the death of a law enforcement officer as well as one civilian. {A world full of tilted dominoes}

In that land of freedom one person proved how easy it is to become another despot like Hitler and to be a leader who can get the people easily on his hands. That man who wanted his followers to believe the world was all fake, managed to divide the United States of America like it was before the civil war.

People should come to know that it is time to face facts. For the writer of the re-blogged article it is no fake news, he writes:

we’re living in the apocalypse, the slow motion shambling apocalypse.

Under normal circumstances the world has a resiliency reserve, but global climate change continues to chip away at that reserve. And the pandemic has also taken a chunk out of that reserve as well. So as this reserve gets thinner, the likelihood that any of the dominoes could start a speedier collapse grows higher.

Let’s be clear, the apocalypse (the degradation of society and civilization as we know it) is happening, the question now is only the rate at which it happens and how prepared you and your family are for the changes. {A world full of tilted dominoes}



1967 Six Day War Fifty years later in view


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World War I started with the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand by Serbian extremists. This shows that even in the beginning of the 20th century the world was so interconnected that an assassination in Bosnia could lead to a world war. Of course this happened because there was great tension and in response to the assassination, the Austrian-Hungarian army attacked Serbia. Of course alliances kicked in, the dominoes fell and a few years later, nearly nine million soldiers and twenty million civilians were dead.

Are we shambling into another world war, the tensions certainly exist. Let’s start with the South China Sea. China has made no bones about the fact that they very much still consider Taiwan part of China, and like Hong Kong, they intend to take it back. Additionally, China has been very aggressively island building and claiming territory in the South China Sea as well as…

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