Trump is proven wrong by the judge

Donald Trump has always wanted the world to believe that he has the law and the right in his own hands. But this time, he will have to back down.

Before and during his presidency, Trump regularly lied to the whole world and misled many people. Shamelessly, he thought he could get away with all his words and deeds and outdo everyone else.

Mr Trump had sought this time to invoke executive privilege, under which presidential documents can be kept secret. But everybody could still have his words in mind when thousands of people stormed the Capitol, and how he encouraged them. His supporters had listened and believed his words that the voting would have been a fraud. As he demanded action from his compatriots, they followed his encouragement to storm the Capitol building and demand the Republicans to be set out as traitors of the country.

The entire world could see and hear by live broadcast how a president of a country called on the citizens of that country to mutiny and to attack the established values of that country. The whole world could follow it directly on television and could not believe their eyes, this happening to a so-called democratic and free country. For us in Belgium, that, what that president of the U.S.A. was doing, looked more like a prepared terrorist act against his own state and against the establishment of Law and order.

A Welcome to United States CitizenshipWe saw American citizens who were shouting to kill their fellow citizens. Capitol Police and DC police officers were chased and threatened with death. It looked unbelievable to see an officer who was a war veteran called a traitor by a bunch of people who had not yet done much for what they call “their country”. It was really an outrage. Then to see him repeated tased at the base of his skull as he cried out in pain. Somehow some showed pity when they heard that he had children, and a few clear heads in the mob rescued him. He was tased so frequently, he had a mini heart attack, and it left him with permanent neurological damage. More than once we could see several acts of complete cowardice of those who stormed the Capitol but afterwards denied it until they were confronted with image footage.

Several of those attackers claimed that what they did was “the will of the people”. That is what “their president” wanted them to believe. Trump was a genius at controlling people’s minds and making them believe things.

For the time being, he is still a danger to any democratic process and should not be overlooked when it comes to his plans for the next new presidential elections.


Four Hours At The Capitol, a harrowing and immersive chronicle of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, features never-before-seen footage and vivid first-hand accounts from lawmakers, staffers, police officers, protesters, and rioters who stormed the Capitol building. The HBO Original documentary premieres October 20 at 9PM on HBO Max. #FourHoursAtTheCapitol #HBO

On the 6th January, as Congress was certifying President Joe Biden’s election victory, they stormed the Capitol as excited mad bulls. The rioters converged on the U.S. Capitol,  scaled walls, demolished barricades, and smashed windows in a violent attempt to gain control of the building and stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election results. This unprecedented attempt to prevent the lawful transfer of power from one administration to the next caused property damage, injuries, and death, and for the first time since the election of 1860, the transfer of executive power was distinctly not peaceful.

Mr Trump always has blamed the Democrats for the bad things in America and has refused to acknowledge losing the election last year, claiming – without evidence – that it had been rigged.

US-NARA-Seal.svgThat the inquiry being conducted by a committee set up by the House of Representatives being dominated by President Biden’s Democrats, is for him the proof that everything is set up against him and against the American people. Plaintiff — former President Donald J. Trump — challenges the legality of a U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee’s requests for certain records maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration (“NARA”) pursuant to the Presidential Records Act.


The ex-president argues that the Committee’s requests are impermissible because at least some records sought are shielded by executive privilege and because the requests exceed Congress’ constitutional power. He seeks an injunction prohibiting Defendants — the House Select Committee, the Chairman of the House Select Committee, NARA, and the Archivist of NARA — from enforcing or complying with the Committee’s requests.

Tanya Sue Chutkan, United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.


As a Republican Mr. Trump argued his White House communications were protected and as such should not be released. But US District Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled that the National Archives, the federal agency that holds the records, should comply with the panel’s request.


Under House Rule XI:


Subpoenas for documents or testimony may be issued to any person or entity, whether governmental, public, or private, within the United States, including, but not limited to, the President, and the Vice President, whether current or former, in a personal or official capacity, as well as the White House, the Office of the President, the Executive Office of the President, and any individual currently or
formerly employed in the White House, Office of the President, or Executive Office of the President.


In a 39-page ruling, Judge Chutkan said that Congress had the right to see the documents, particularly as the current president had agreed.


Mr Trump

“does not acknowledge the deference owed to the incumbent president’s judgment. His position that he may override the express will of the executive branch appears to be premised on the notion that his executive power ‘exists in perpetuity,'”


the judge wrote.


“But presidents are not kings, and plaintiff is not president.”


As a former president, Mr Trump enjoyed the right to executive privilege, she added, but the incumbent president


“is best situated to protect executive branch interests”.


A spokesman for Mr Trump, said the case was likely to be appealed. Taylor Budowich said Mr Trump was committed to defending the right of US presidents to assert executive privilege and


“will be seeing this process through”.


Bennie Thompson official photo.jpg
Bennie Gordon Thompson, American politician, member of the Democratic Party, serving as the U.S. Representative for Mississippi’s 2nd congressional district since 1993.

But Bennie Thompson, the Mississippi Democrat who is chairman of the committee, called the lawsuit


“little more than an attempt to delay and obstruct our investigation.”


Following the Capitol riot, Mr Trump was impeached by the lower house of Congress, but cleared by the then Republican-dominated upper house, the Senate, of inciting an insurrection.


This will go on and on.  – To be continued





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    1. I think lots of people are just so frustrated by the way their country is going and not having enough income to give them an easy life. Also in Europe, we can see that populists can put sand in the eyes of a lot of people, who think that person would bring them a better life, not seeing their words are based on lies and fabrications.


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