Corona autumn wave

Corona lets it feel itself, proving it is not gone yet.

For the first time since early May the number of new cases of coronavirus that are detected each day now exceeds 3,000. Meanwhile, the number of hospitalisations is up too as is the number of people with COVID-19 that are dying.

Flanders currently having a vaccination rate of 79.4% and Wallonia standing at 68.26% does not mean everybody would be safe and not have to worry about the disease. The vaccination rate across the whole of Belgium currently stands at over 71%. The Belgian capital is lagging behind the rest of the country at just over 52% double dosed, which made the government impose the COVID safe pass.

File:TE-Collage Brussels.png
Collage of Brussels.

The health pass and QR code provided for those who are vaccinated or who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past six months seemed to have pushed more people in France to get their jab, after it was introduced on 21 July. French citizens had rushed to get coronavirus vaccines after President Emmanuel Macron announced the health pass extension in mid-July, with more than one million appointments booked in the 16 hours that followed his speech. But in Brussels, where it became obligated on 15 October, we can not see a similar effect. Because it is not mandatory to show the CoViD safe pass all over Belgium, people from Brussels go to the fitness and restaurants around the Brussels Gewest or Brussels-Capital Region, in Flanders where no pass is required.

The pass and the progress of vaccination should see us avoid other curfews and lockdowns. The vaccination has helped to keep people away from hospitals. Today, most people entering the hospital with Covid are those who refused to have a vaccination. Some of them are very sick and might be aware of it now, that when they would have been vaccinated they would not have been so sick.

During the past week there has been a considerable rise in the figures relating to the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. For the first time since May, the 7-day average for confirmed coronavirus infections now exceeds 3,000/day. This is up 46% against a week ago. At an average of 73/day hospitalisations are up too, as are the number of deaths among people with COVID-19 (11/day).

At a provincial level, while Antwerp Province still has the largest number of COVID-19 patients in hospital, the largest rises in admissions have been in West Flanders and Limburg. In West Flanders the number of patients has doubled from 25 to 52 during the past week. Meanwhile in Limburg the number of COVID-19 patients in the province’s hospitals has risen from 8 to 21.

Meanwhile, in the Brussels Capital Region where the vaccination rate is much lower than elsewhere in the country the number of hospital admissions remains high but has fallen slightly during the past week.

The virologist Professor Steven Van Gucht in an interview with VRT News says that there is no reason to panic and that above all

“It’s important that we can ensure that we ensure that we are able to cope with the extra strain the wave will bring, and that the hospital aren’t put under too much pressure”.

The flu season is fast approaching and it would not be bad if people would still use a mouth mask when they go shopping or when in places with a lot of people. In the coming period it shall be even more important than other years, to remember the flu fact;

“frequently wash your hands, always get your vaccination, cover your cough, take time off of work and school if you are sick and if you don’t get better, seek additional help.”


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