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Gossip and fake news, opposite fact checking and facts presenting

Several years ago Marcus Ampe launched “Our World” on Blogspot, to present and discuss matters concerning the planet we live on. The Blogspot site now became transferred to here at WordPress (under a new title), but the intentions did not change.

At “Some View on the world” we want to present civic as well as religious news. Specifically, we want to bring to the attention news relating to crime against humanity and other related topics which are usually avoided by mainstream media. We also believe that it is the right time to speak out loud against Fake News.

Looking at “Crime Against Humanity” this includes crimes of all sorts, like Crime Against Women, Domestic Violence, Sex Trafficking, Child Abuse even Forceful Repatriation of Refugees,  Bid to Curb Press Freedom, Regressive Policies Against Ethnic Minorities, Genocides, a.o., even suppressing truth we also should consider a crime.

Writing articles or taking on the task of a journalist, we do agree with experts that digital publication is the best way for communication and spreading awareness in these days of social media and internet activity.

Journalism seeks a popular audience rather than academic one. Blend news with entertainment to reach the masses. Keeping in mind the increasing crime against humanity, public interest journalism can educate and aware people about these social menaces.

Today we live in a world where facts are debatable. There are people and organisations who love to spread false messages into the world. They want people to believe certain matters which are not right at all. There  are dailies which live by spreading all sorts of anecdotes and gossip. The paparazzi do not mind to do illegal things to get there story on the front page of such daily newspapers which attract a lot of curious people. There are distributors of news who prioritises the spread of lies, laced with anger and hate, spreading it faster and further than facts. Some call their journalism activism, but it is not. It is just a game for making as much money as possible.

The activists, are those journalists who work for one or another cause, often not being paid much, or not even receiving a penny for their thoughts. None of the writers on this platform is paid for the presented articles on this site. As motivated writers or as ‘journalists’ we know that we are not here to merely make a living, but to defend the human- and animal rights, and to come up for our planet. We believe in ‘Mission of Journalism’.

There is no outside interference in editorial policies, and the ideas presented over here are just the pure opinions of those who write and are responsible for the article.

Since a few years we want to continue telling the community, telling the world what the facts are and bring people to think about matters that are important in our eyes.

Every day we are bombarded with lots of news facts and lots of questionable reporting.

Here, we do not pretend to bring full-blown news, but we would like to highlight and present some highlights of world events. These are matters that we think require serious thought and that we believe may have an impact on the rest of our daily lives.

In the past few days, we have contacted writers we know well and asked them if they would not mind contributing here on “Some view on the world“. But we can always use more political-social scientists and historians who would like to explain the history and the facts from their knowledge and point of view.
If you are a reader who occasionally feels the need to put pen to paper, you may always contact us to help out in this ’cause of usefulness’. As well as on “Some view on the world” as on “From Guestwriters“, we can use handy pen writers. So don’t be shy to introduce yourself.


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Written-down thoughts

Study Guide: Definition of Journalism

Safeguarding freedom of expression

To mean, to think, outing your opinion, conviction, belief – Menen, mening, overtuiging, opinie, geloof

Are you being swept along by the world


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A joint effort of several authors who do find that nobody can keep standing at the side and that “Everyone" must care about what is going on in today’s world. We are a bunch of people who do not mind that somebody has a totally different idea but is willing to share the ideas with others and to be Active and willing to let others understand how "today’s decisions will influence the future”. Therefore we would love to see many others to "Act today".

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