Messages leading to an earthly utopia

Dreams and reading a Book of books

My whole life, I had lots of dreams of a better world. All the suffering I and other people had to undergo would be finished. Could that be possible?

By reading the Bible, going through it from beginning to end, more than once, comparing it to historical facts, I came to see and understand that the Bible brought a compendium and résumé of mankind in just 64 books. The stories in it gave a good idea of how mankind went wrong, leaving the path of God aside, thinking he could do without Him. For me, it became clear that, no matter how we turn it, we can not do without the divine Creator God.

Looking for answers

By searching for the Truth and for God I came to know Him and the people He had sent to earth to show the right way. Coming to know better those sent by God, I also came to know His most beloved son, Jesus Christ. Though the majority of Christians have made him into their god, I came to understand the importance of this Nazarene man of flesh and blood, who was declared by God to be His beloved son. That prophet and Jewish teacher gave enough extra lessons to come to know his heavenly Father better and to prepare ourselves for being able to enter his kingdom and the Kingdom of God. But he also gave his followers some tasks are duties they had to do. One of those tasks was not to keep the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God for oneself. Jesus asked his followers to go out into the world and to tell others about that magnificent Good News he brought to the world. For this reason, also wanting to be a follower of Christ, living and being under him, I took up the task of going out into the world, letting others know about God His Plan and about the role Jesus plays in the Plan of salvation. One of the possibilities to reach others, by the coming of the computer and internet, was presenting articles on the worldwide Web. As such I started reacting on platforms and groups, plus writing articles myself, on religious matters. That way “Our World” came into existence. It developed, like the world of the internet evolved and offered other ways to communicate with the world.

Spreading Good News

Still living with the hope for a better world, I want to continue with spreading the Good News and reaching people to show how the world is going the wrong way but still gives us the opportunity to change the direction. But to change it we shall need to act rightly and in time, before it is too late. It is not so impossible as people think. We can do much more than we often think.

We should not be ashamed to talk about the son of man, who is the beloved son of God, and to show that we want to go for that God above all gods. We should believe that once our utopian dreams may become a reality, by the promises of God.

Deniers and persistent believers

More than once in my life, I had to hear the world I am dreaming of shall never come to exist. But I sincerely believe in the Word of God and I am convinced already in the “now and here” we all can work together to make a better world to live in. I also know that several groups will enter the political arena to do battle for separate rights and interests: rent control, health care, environment, and so on. It shall not be easy to come to a consensus, so that everybody might feel happy. I also do know that the illusion of harmony will fail to convince all. But at my own space I try to write articles to show possible ways to get to a better world, without having to become slaves of this world.

Partial struggles keep alive an arena for political activity and commitment. Hope for that promised world, where everybody shall be able to live in peace, shall be the sparkle that can bring on the light for many. With this website I want to continue to look at the world we are living in and with which we do have to cope and continue our way. Though, we shall not let us be pressed down by the world. We should keep our heads up, and show to all people we have a prospect of a great future. By knowing the past, we can make sure we shall not repeat the stupidities of those who lived in the past and made the wrong choices.

Others looking at utopists and Christians

Lots of people have a wrong idea about “equality” and our utopian world. They consider thinkers like me, want a world where everyone gets paid the same and has to wear the same clothes. They often think we want a Maoist, Stalinist, Leninist or Soviet Union world, with authoritarianism systems. They want the world to believe that Marxism means a dictatorial world where people have no rights. But in the utopian world all people have the same rights and liberties, meaning they all may do what they want in respect to leave the same liberties to others as they want to enjoy their liberties.

Several people also think that Christians may not be involved in expressing their opinion and being politically active. I do think Christians have also the task to warn people about the way the world is going and to show better ways to come to a world where everybody can feel already the goodness of this world. We do not have to wait until the return of Christ to feel ourselves at ease and in peace. The Bible tells us we have to live in the Now and make the best of the world Now, and have not to wait until the good things shall come to lay before our feet. Several parables of Jesus teach us how we have to work for a better future now and do not have to sit still just waiting until the master shall return.

Talking about events in the world

In that aspect and with such knowledge I love to continue bringing the events of the world in the light of the Biblical teaching. For that reason, I, as editor of this site, also think it is worthwhile investing time in continuing “Our World” with this newly created website “Some View on the world“. This way I hope to get some more people thinking about what happens in the world and how we can cope with it, but also how we can react in the right way, according to the Will and Rules of God.

As believers in God, we are convinced that people have to have a goal and God offers them that prospect. We need to know where we are going and if we judge ourselves by criteria that aren’t aligned with what humans really need then we aren’t going to fulfil our potential and more importantly, we shall not feel ourselves to be happy. People have to know that sharing with each other does not make us poorer, but shall make us richer. They also have to know that in the Book of books, the Bible, are all the answers for the most important questions in life.

By not being afraid to look at the world, to analyse the events and to discuss what is going on, we can enrich ourselves and may come to see more clearly. By continuing the work I started with “Christadelphian world”, later “Our World” and now “Some View on the world” I do hope I may offer some thoughts for consideration and somehow hope this might ignite some thought for discussion in your own surroundings. Hopefully the thoughts brought forwards on this site, might bring people come to know Who God is, how He is at work, what He expects from us and how Jesus fits in His Plan of salvation.



“Utopias are often only premature truths.”

Alphonse De Lamartine



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